Close To The Point (CTTP) is working, isn’t it?

A few weeks ago I told you about a new project. I told you about a new proposal for ourselves: we wanted to give a solution for a new kind of customer.

In the GPMESS history, some people approached us saying «Hey! GPMESS is cool and I want something similar, but something that is not exactly GPMESS«. For this reason we decided to modify the roadmap of GPMESS, to get something that was planned for the future and to prepare a new product focused on helping developers to improve their apps. The name of this new product is Close To The Point.

Close To The Point (CTTP) is not just a library for your apps. It is not just an easy way to add points of interest to your apps. It is much more than this. It is the perfect way to do what you have been dreaming for a long time, the easiest way to interact with your users depending on where they really are. And a tool with enough stats to improve the conversion of your goals in real time.


The GPMESS tech-guys were developing around the clock to get it working so I was able to show CTTP in my presentation with Microsoft at the App Trade Center. From that moment I was mailing and telling different people about it, and all of them said «CTTP looks great! I will test it» but at this moment still nobody have tested CTTP. It could be a problem with the landing page, or maybe I didn’t impact the correct people, but I’m sure that if we keep iterating on it, some sales are coming.

With CTTP you can improve your own app, even if it is really simple or similar to a website, giving it the specific functions of a phone without problems, only thinking in the core of your business. You don’t need to mind on battery usage or on the horrible location icon on the notification bar. We have tried different algorithms using the available sensors to maintain a balance between the location accuracy and the battery usage. We have used the GPMESS app users (more than 32K downloads) to test the improvements, and they are really happy because they don’t feel that their battery life is reduced, and they don’t permanent see the location icon in their notification bar.

What do you think about it? Do you want to test it? Remember that you have 15 days of trial, and you also can test a running example (available on the documentation section) that informs the users when they are near a US embassy.